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Story of Hajarah

8. June 2020 | 0 Comments

A hash Journey

Giving birth at a tender age is more likely in third world countries especially in African states where teenagers don’t happen to get a chance for school hence rushed marriage and this has caused more dumped kids cases.

Hajarah - Sustainable Development Community e. V.

Hajarah is one of the victims that are dumped beside the road by her mum, she was only three weeks old.  She was found after being by an old woman who was heading to her garden.

She later screamed and people gathered, they called for police, which later took the kid to the nearby health center that was found in that particular District. She was later taken by this old woman after treatment because there was no other person willing to take care of the girl since she was still too young.

The community fundraised for this girl and they even used to pick food from the nearby mosque, the old woman warmheartedly took care of the baby with the help of the community and luckily the girl has grown, they have survived a life that is full of starving,  and lacking a lot of quality basic needs.

The woman loved this girl since she had no person at home to stay with. She took her in as her own grandchild.

In 2019/ June, S.  the grandmother sadly passed away and left Hajarah in a suffocating life, in the community no one was willing to fully take responsibility for her so she spends most of her time in different homes. Currently, she stays with another woman on the floor of a certain building. They go mornings every day looking for something to eat.

She is now 4 years of age and supposed to be schooling but she isn’t because she has no one to give a hand in her studies yet she likes schooling a lot.  She finds time to consult from her fellow kids at the mosque and try to take her through what they’ve learned, she likes good clothes and dancing very much.

Please consider sponsoring Hajarah to help us change her life. She has gone through a lot already and she has big dreams to chase.


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Please consider sponsoring Hajarah to help her having a better future and a better quality of life!

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