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Chernihiv Blood Transfusion Station


The „Chernihiv Regional Transfusion Station“ is a joint property of the communities of Chernihiv region.


Chernihiv oblast is one of the regions most affected by the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in 1986. The population of Chernihiv region as of January 1, 2017 amounted to 1044.9 thousand people. The negative demographic situation, rapid aging of the population, low fertility, high incidence of oncological pathology, combined with the decline in industrial production, led to the region’s unfavorable development and socio-economic situation.The state budget in the conditions of economic, informational and political crisis, fighting in the east of the country can not fully provide funding for blood services in the region. Thus, the budget of the Chernihiv Oblast Blood Transfusion Station for 2017 is 314 thousand US dollars, of which the current costs of servicing the process of blood collection and processing are 106 thousand US dollars (35%).

The Chernihiv Regional Transfusion Station has been providing over 70 years of safe and comfortable access to blood donation and its components to the population. The staff of the institution provides uninterrupted harvesting and processing of donor blood, which guarantees health facilities in the Chernihiv region reliable and convenient access to transfusion environments. Our institution has a quality control department that strictly monitors compliance with the relevant requirements for technological processes.The Quality Control Department ensures that the transfusion media that do not meet the established standards are not allowed to be delivered to the hospital. All managerial decisions in the Chernihiv Oblast Blood Transfusion Station are based on objective facts after a comprehensive discussion. Strategic management at our institution is aimed at achieving the main goals in the form of satisfying the needs of consumers in hemocomponents.

The Chernihiv Regional Transfusion Station implements a quality management system in accordance with international standards ISO 9001, in its work is guided by the law of Ukraine on blood donation, orders of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, which are harmonized with the directives of the European Union and receive advisory assistance from the American International Health Alliance and the World Center for Control and disease prevention. However, obsolete equipment, which is used now for the manufacture of blood components, can not maintain the proper parameters of the technological process and fully meet the needs of the medical facilities of the region in quality hemocomponents, especially in platelets.

Description of the problem:

The equipment of the institution is very outdated, the life of some units exceeds 30-40 years, the institution is forced to constantly spend a significant amount of money to repair outdated equipment to extend the life of its work. Due to constant interruptions in the equipment the facility produces fewer volumes of quality products than it could, and this in the face of a budget deficit negatively reflects on the work of the institution. Nevertheless, skilled staff, who constantly increases the level of knowledge and practical skills, strives to achieve the best quality and safety of products in the existing conditions.For the procurement of high-quality canned donor blood and the production of hemocomponents from it, with the observance of modern requirements, for the provision of infectious, immunological and biological safety, we need the following equipment (delivery of the used, but good equipment) is allowed.


street Pirogov, 13, Chernihiv, Ukraine, 14005;

Phone / Fax:

exit code (04622)-67-77-14;

тел. +380504430681.

Responsible persons:

Chief Physician Gerasimenko Pavel Volodymyrovych

Amjad Ayoubi, Chairman of Sustainable Development Community e. V.

Assistance received earlier:

  • Modular water purification system СОВ 00-12 СГ;
  • T-RAC recording and automatic blood collection system;
  • A device for sealing tubes T-SEAL;
  • Hematocrit centrifuge ELMICM-70;
  • Centrifuge laboratory DNIPRO-MHV;
  • Low-temperature refrigerator DNIPRO;
  • Automatic hematological analyzer Mindray BC-2800;
  • A device for electrophoresis of proteins of blood ASTRA;
  • PW-40 microplate washer;
  • Completing to computers; – means for purchasing a server;
  • Scales-mixers with Compressors of highways “CompoGuard” 3 pcs .;
  • Automatic CompoMat Blood Component Extractor.

The donors:

  1. United Nations Population Fund, Global Medikal Aid.
  2. Regional non-government structures:    Charitable Foundation “Europe” (e-mail: fond_evropa@mail.ru) in Priluki.    Charitable Foundation “Polissky Oberih” (https://oberig.cn.ua/) in the city of Chernihiv.    Private companies of Chernihiv city.


Year of foundation:  1944

Number of physicians: 18

Number of medical nurses: 35;

The institution has:

  • Donation room for the simultaneous servicing of 3 blood donors
  • Donation room for the simultaneous servicing of 2 donors of plasma, and 1 donor of cells.

Medical practice:

  • donation of blood and its components
  • manufacturing of hemocomponent
  • ensuring the safety and quality of hemocomponents
  • immunohematological studies
  • therapeutic plasmapheresis
  • Photofrees
  • autologous donation
  • processing of blood harvested in other hospitals
  • maintaining and distributing the stock of hemocomponent
  • monitoring of transfusion care in the hospitals of the region.

The institution for the year within the limits of state security carries out:

  • – 7200 donations of blood;
  • – 900 donations of blood plasma;
  • – 250 platelet doses;
  • – additionally receives 3000 liters of blood harvested in other hospitals;
  • – 50 procedures of therapeutic plasmapheresis;-
  • 180 photopheresis procedures.


Providing Chernihiv Oblast Blood Transfusion Station with modern and reliable equipment for harvesting, processing and testing of donor blood and its components.

Location: country – Ukraine (the capital city of Kiev); city ​​- Chernihiv (regional center); distance to Kiev – 140 km; location on the map(https://www.google.com.ua/maps/@51.4982,31.28935,12z)

3. Purpose of the project:

Providing the population of Chernihiv region with safe and qualitative components of blood.Thanks to the use of blood products every year, many lives are saved, and the results of treatment of patients suffering from life-threatening diseases are significantly improved. Blood products are also used as auxiliary agents for complex surgical operations.The quality and therapeutic efficacy of blood components depend on the correctness of blood collection, its processing, labeling and storage conditions.

4. Expected results of the project:

The implementation of this project will allow, thanks to the updated equipment for a long time, to improve the process of donor blood transplantation and to ensure the provision of healthcare facilities in a stable manner by quality and safe hemocomponents, which in turn will improve the healing process and will contribute to patients’ recovery, reduction of relapse rate among chronic patients and in general will contribute to improving the health of the population of the region.

The staff of our institution is constantly increasing its qualification at the National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education and has a sufficient level of theoretical knowledge, practical skills to work on such equipment. Doctors at the blood transfusion station are sincerely looking to improve the technological processes at the facility, which is the only licensed institution in the Chernihiv region for a full cycle of dental blood collection and processing.

5. Estimated cost of the project:

 Quotations are being prepared.

6. Project duration:

two Year.

7. Equipments needed:

Name of the equipmentCharacteristics (description) of equipment Technical requirementsQty.Single Price
1Hematologic analyzerSwelab Alfa or another with counting blood cells from 0.1
2Hematologic analyzer5-Diff1
3Hemoglobin level analyzer Plasma/Low Hbor another with the definition of free hemoglobin2
4Donor armchairThe electric chair donor consists of three sections covered with medical artificial leather and mounted on a stable metal frame with an electric lift. The sections of the back and legs are regulated. The same armchair is equipped with two adjustable armrests on both sides for placement of the donor's hands.
General: 500x1300x550 mm .;
Back cacti - 460h800 mm .;
Seat cabinet - 460x340 mm .;
Cecka of legs - 460х500 mm.
5Tool tableTool table (stainless steel). The table is made of a metallic stainless steel profile. The upper and lower shelves are made of stainless steel. Overall dimensions: 660 * 430 * 900 mm. Shelf Size: 425 * 585 mm. The height of shelves from the floor is 425 and 775 mm.4
6Apparatus plasmapheresisThe system of automated plasmapheresis "Autofrees-C".1
7Filler PCB tubesMobile handheld device for sealing polyvinylchloride highways.7
8Welders PCB tubesDevice for sterile connection. should connect PVC lines in all possible combinations, namely dry with dry, filled with liquid with dry, two lines with liquid.1
9Refrigeration centrifuge
Model: Sigma 8KBS
Refrigeration centrifuge - stationary, periodic action, with digital control system. It is used in the blood supply service for blood components obtained from donors.
The maximum volume of the centrifuge is 6000 ml. Provides a rotational speed of 500 rpm to 6000 rpm. The temperature mode in the working chamber is programmable. Temperature range from plus. 2 ° С to plus 15 ° С. Accuracy of temperature maintenance ± 1 ° С.
10Laboratory centrifugeCentrifuge medical - centrifuge laboratory clinical portable, periodic action. It is intended for use in the practice of laboratory clinical diagnostics for dividing into fractions inhomogeneous liquid systems with a density of up to 2 g / cm3 under the influence of centrifugal forces. The centrifuge ensures the setting of the rotation speed of the probe holder in steps of 1000, 1500, 3000 rpm with the light signaling of the set speed stage. The centrifuge is equipped with a 24-hole tube holder. The test tube holder is designed to work with "vaktayner" type tubes with a capacity of 1.7 to 10 ml. At the same time, it is possible to place tubes at the same time: - 12 pcs with capacity from 1.7 to 5 ml (dia.13 mm) and 12 pcs with capacity from 7 to 10 ml (dia.16 mm).4
11Plasma Extractor mechanical The device is intended for the transfer of blood components from one polymer container to another.12
12The device is automatic for extraction of blood componentsAn automatic device designed to quickly and accurately separate donor blood into high-quality components, followed by sterile sealing of the lines.1
13Plasma thawerRinse plasma for fast, safe and uniform defrosting while maintaining the plasma containers and blood components in a dry condition.1
14 RefrigeratorRefrigerator for storage of blood and its components Temperature range: + 2 ... + 6 ° С. Volume: 250 l. Execution: vertical.
Internal dimensions: (B * W * D) 1920x600x600.
15 RefrigeratorLow temperature refrigerator for storing serum / plasma archival samples3
16 RefrigeratorRefrigerator for storing tests, reagents and samples5
17 RefrigeratorRefrigerator for storage of blood and its components vertical Total volume 300 l, with drawer, alarm system (temperature, open door, electricity), digital microprocessor controller, fluorescent lighting.
Temperature range: 0 ... + 10 ° C
18 RefrigeratorRefrigerator for storage of blood and its components vertical Total volume 150-200 l, with shelves, alarm system (temperature, open door, electricity), digital microprocessor controller, fluorescent lighting. Temperature range: 0 ... + 10 ° C1
19 RefrigeratorHousehold refrigerator For storing food with shelves. Required volume - 150-200l.2
20Low temperature medical freezer for blood plasma (horizontal)Necessary volume 250 - 300 liters. Microprocessor temperature control (-10 to -45 ° C, at 20 ° C approx., In increments of 1 ° C); Text digital display; Sound and visual signaling of the failure in the operation of the refrigerator, signaling failure in the power supply, signaling change temperature mode, text display alarm; Execution - horizontal.8
21Battery powered refrigerantsThe temperature elements are intended for transportation and storage of frozen clinical specimens and other frozen materials. Reusable items are non-toxic, sealed. Elements should be simply pre-cooled at a temperature below -23 ° C, until the solidification of the liquid. V, L: 0.4; Size, mm: 170x85x35; Weight, kg: 0.55.10
22Plasma shock freezer.
Model: KPFF48B
Plasma shock freezer. The horizontal freezing function is configured in such a way that it allows uniformly freezing the plasma without deformation of the containers, which greatly simplifies further processing.
Core temperature / freezing time:
  - for standard containers (400ml) -30 ° C, approximately 30 minutes;
  - for large containers (1000 ml) -30 ° C, about 40 minutes.
23Device for virus inactivation of components of donor bloodMirasol system for reducing pathogens in platelets and plasma.1
24ThromboshekerThe system is designed to store platelets for up to 5 days. Equipped with forced circulation of air, condensate evaporator, module of constant temperature registration, alarm systems. Trombomikser with perforated shelves at the same time allows simultaneous storage of 5-10 aperesis containers.1
25Thermo-insulating medical containerMedical sealed thermo bag for short-term transportation of drugs, blood and its components. Made of durable nylon and insulating material, medical bags refrigerators are used as insulation for various modular cooling elements. The bag has a document compartment and a shoulder strap. The bag is fastened with a zipper. The volume of the bag is 20l and 40l.2
26Capacities for biowasteCapacities for biowires 30l.11
27Thrombocyte concentrate storage device (thermo shaker)The system is designed to store platelets for up to 5 days. Equipped with forced circulation of air, condensate evaporator, module of constant temperature registration, alarm systems. Trombomikser with perforated shelves at the same time allows simultaneous storage of 5-10 aperesis containers.1
28Filtration and air conditioning system for donation and production facilitiesFiltration and air conditioning system for donation and production facilities:
1. Donation hall - 130.6 m3
2. Hall for plasmonphyrosis - 112.6 m3
3. Prefabrication of primary fractionation - 114.0 m3
4. Clinical laboratory - 401,0 m3
Total 758.2 m3
29Steam sterilizerTechnical characteristics: sterilization chamber made of high-alloy stainless steel; The camera has a cylinder shape and is horizontally located; built-in steam generator; manual pouring of water into the steam generator; semi-automatic control; heating time - no more than 30 minutes; preliminary removal of air from the camera - by gravity blowing method; Vacuum drying using a condenser, the dilution depth - not less than -0,06 MPa; a filter of bacterial purification of air entering the chamber at the stage of equalization of pressure of water consumption for 1 cycle of sterilization (with a drying) - not more than 100 l; camera volume, dm3 - 100; boot volume of the camera, dm3 - 72; camera dimensions (diameter x depth), mm - 400x830; Overall dimensions (ДхШхВ), mm - 1220х604х1445; loading height, mm - 785; 1 mode (toC - min - MPa) 132 - 20 - 0.2; 2 mode (toC - min - MPa) 120 - 45 - 0.11; productivity of the built-in steam generator, kg / g of steam - 15,87; voltage, V - 380; power, kW - 14; weight, no more, kg - 180.1
30Cupboard with storage chambers Luggage cameras for donor speeches of 15-20 cells in size W * B * G 30x40h40sm.1
31Modular sofaForm: straight; filling: polyurethane foam; type sofa office modular 1800/740 / 680cm.4
32 TVSmart LED TV 66
33Office chairOffice chair: metal frame, soft leather upholstery seat and back.7
34Office chairOffice chair2
35Computer tableThe table provides a tumbler under the system unit and a retractable keyboard drawer.
The presence of the shelf and the right or left box, the size (LxWxH) 1200 * 600 * 780, the color is light, laminated chipboard.
36Computer tableTable G-shaped
A corner table with a retractable shelf under the keyboard, a stationary staircase with three retractable drawers and an open section. The kit includes a retractable stand but a wheel support for the system unit. The table is made of laminated chipboard 16 mm, faces of the countertops, facades framed by PVC 2 mm, on other details - chalk with a minor edging. The shelf is retractable, the drawer is installed on the roller guides.
37Computer tableMaterial: LDPP 16mm, fiberboard 3.2mm, PVC plinth 2mm, melamine.
Dimensions: 1600x1200x744mm.
38Computer tableDesk office2
39Laboratory tableThe size is 1600x600x780, single tumbler with 3 drawers.10
40Laboratory tableLaboratory table (1200x600x800)7
41Laboratory tableLaboratory table (1200x600x800)5
42Laboratory tableTable Island Laboratory - 2 work stations CO-1 (1500x1200x1600)2
43Laboratory tableLaboratory table, frame anodized aluminum profile; filling - melamine; countertop - Postforming special, burt; 1 retractable drawer, 1 door. 1 for a plasma: the size 1200h600h800 mm, 1 for blood: the size - 1000h600h800 mm2
44Laboratory tableLaboratory table 1100x600x750 with 3 drawers1
45Laboratory tableLaboratory table 1400х500х7502
46Laboratory tableLaboratory table 1950h600h900 with 3 drawers and 1 door1
47Laboratory chairsThe base of polyurethane is strong enough, but it maintains a significant weight. Characterized by a high level of stability, it has a durable tube at the base. The comfortable handle adjusts the height of the chair in the range 400-710 mm, so it can be adjusted for any height and equipment of the person.15
48Laboratory chairsThe laboratory chair is soft on wheels10
49Laboratory chairsChair is a laboratory soft, with a stand circle10
50Laboratory chairsLaboratory armchair with seat height adjuster4
Wardrobes for the two-door with a partition, with two shelves (lower for shoes, top for hats).
Width 79cm; Height 221cm; Depth 60cm.
Laboratory cabinet for chemreactives (450х450х1800)5
Laboratory cabinet for chemreactives (900х450х1800)5
Laboratory case for clothes (900х450х1800)20
Wardrobe for two-door with a partition (for outerwear and medical clothing) and two shelves (top - for headgear, lower - for shoes). Size 600x350h1840 mm.1
Wardrobe with movable doors on rollers, with a partition (for outerwear and medical clothing) with two shelves (top - for headgear, lower - for shoes). Size 600x350h1840 mm.1
Wardrobe for storage of documents The upper part - open shelves (3-4 pcs.), The bottom part - with closed doors and shelves (2-3 pcs.). Size 600x350h1840 mm.1
Office cabinet for documents with 2 drawers, three open and two closed shelves, mezzanine. Facades, top and bottom covers, sidewalls and shelf cabinets are made of laminated chipboard with a thickness of 18 mm. The edges are lined with a shock-proof edge of PVC in the thickness of 1 mm and 0,5 mm (shelves). Overall dimensions: length - 802 mm, width - 403 mm, height - 2186 mm with mezzanine.4
59Computersystem unit with monitor or other equivalent device5
61Computer armchairWheelchairs for the computer, a soft, seat-backed seat and back, plastic handles.2
62Blinds are verticalThe main components of vertical blinds are:
• a cornice, in which there is a rod with sliders, to which the lamellae are fastened
• lamellae - vertical strips of fabric, hanging to the cornice
• Chain for turning lamellae at different angles
• rope for moving lamellae
• Heavy duty chain tension for slats to be tall
The window size is 130x150 mm
63Lamp for illuminationClosed lamp under the LED lamps T8, 1,2 m, which is mounted on the wall above the table.1
64The printerLaser printer3
65МФУ 3 in 1 Copier, Printer, Scanner.1
66Automatic biochemical analyzerтechnical characteristics:
• 240 test / years;
• The feasibility of conducting biochemical and turbidimetric analyzes;
• Selective (patience for the passport), profilny, package, STAT modes of vikonannya testov;
• Типи вимірювань: Кінетика / Кінетика по двох точекках / Кінцева точка / діхроматична кінцева точка / Dictionaries;
• Refrigerator at 30 positsi pid 20 and 50 ml. dances with reagents;
• The supply of energy to the hunting system is not sufficient;
• 3 do not take care of the posi- tion of the tripods, yak for reagents, or for samples;
• 3 fіksovanі pozіzіі під промиваючі розчини або додаткові реагенті;
• 24 positіїї in a tripod for samples, the maximum number of samples is 72;
• The maximum number of chemical reagents is 50;
• Programmed Reagent Reagent: 10 ml. 440 ml;
• Programming of the scope: 3 ml. - 40 ml;
• Number of reactive osenedkov: 120;
• Programms of the reaction of the reaction: 200 ml. - 800 ml;
• Visokotochne dose (vidhilenya 2% with a 3 ml scope);
• System zapnibnya zitknen;
• Automatic prigozhenzhenya put the dose of the golka;
• Mozhlivіst vikoristanny for zrazkіv yak pervinnikh, so i pediatricheskih samplers;
• There is no escaped zagratenzhennia ekstrenih zrazkiv;
• Hour zchituvannya up to 15 hvilin;
• Reactivity from 200 to 800 μl;
• Вимірювальний діапазон від 0.05 to 2.5 одниць оптичної щільності;
• Spectral range from 340 to 900 nm;
• Basic information 340, 405, 505, 535, 560, 600, 635, 670 nm;
• Automatic feeding of the system ridini;
• Control of the temperature for the use of elements Pelt '(4 elements) (37 ° C);
• Kalibruvannya for the factor, a single calibrator, according to the calibrated curve (up to 8 standards);
• The number of pre-programmed tests and proficiencies is unaddressed;
• Intrinsic control program for anchors. Pobudova's curved Levey-Jenings, from the rules of Westgard;
• By the tests, on the passwords, in the control of the anchors.
67An analyzer for measuring the level of ALT activityPortable spectrometer for shvidkogo analizu kapіlyarnoi blood for vmist ALT
Work with samples on the city - portable and fully autonomous system allows you to conduct an analysis directly in the city, which significantly reduces the time to get results.
• Fast and accurate analysis - the result in seconds, the availability of the library
The intuitive interface is easy to use
• Portability
68Microscope binocularBiological binocular microscope of the research class, for morphological studies in transmitted light in a bright field. It is used in laboratories of medical and scientific research institutions for carrying out long-term routine and clinical studies.
Functional model, well proven for daily long-term use. The optimal price, is available to users with a small budget.
Optics made of high-quality optical glass with anti-reflective, antifreeze, color-corrected spraying. The microscope binocular is equipped with a built-in adjustable lighting system.
- Soft coaxial mechanism of coarse and precise focusing with built-in slide sleeve, with convenient low positioning;
- Four-armed revolver;
- Two-coordinate graduated stage with bearing mechanism;
- In the construction of the stage, a screw stop is provided, which prevents accidental damage to the preparation during focusing;
- Removable product manager;
- Illumination system that provides, without additional rearrangements, illumination of the field of view of lenses with magnification from 4x to 100x;
- Adjustable halogen lighting system 6V / 20W;
- Blue color filter;
- Ergonomic acid-proof metal case with plastic pads;
- The scope of supply includes a dust cover for storage
Additional equipment:
- Video camera 5.0 Mpix USB 2.0 for outputting images to a computer
- Lens 60x achromat
- Lens 40x planaromat
- Lens 100x (MI) planahromat
- Ocular 7x
- Dark field condenser
Microscopes MICROmed have passed a full cycle of tests and examinations of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, entered in the register of medical equipment and allowed for use in medical practice. The presence of a registration certificate of the Ministry of Health guarantees the effectiveness and safety in the use of medical equipment.
The products are certified according to the international quality standard ISO 9001: 2008.

69Water bathThe water bath is designed for heating and thermostating the contents during analyzes and studies requiring a constant temperature. Specialists know this type of laboratory equipment, like a liquid bath thermostat or a laboratory water thermostat. The laboratory water bath is designed for use in various scientific research, veterinary, diagnostic and industrial laboratories.

The principle of the water bath laboratory is based on the transfer of thermal energy from the heating elements to the water in the working chamber of the bath, and in the future to installed tanks with thermostated liquid.

The bath consists of an outer casing, a working chamber of polished stainless steel, a microprocessor control unit, a digital temperature sensor, a heating element and a lid. The outer shell is separated from the working chamber by an insulator. The design of the housing provides a comfortable and safe temperature of the exterior parts. The tubular nagging element, at the bottom of the working chamber, is protected from mechanical damage by an additional protective cover.
70Automatic analyzer for immunohematological studiesdetermination of blood groups, determination of Rh factor, phenotyping, compatibility studies, antibody screening, antibody identification, direct antiglobulin test, blood sample typing1
71Urine analyzerUrine Analyzer (Dirui) is an automatic analyzer for the study of urine analytes by the method of dry chemistry on strips. The system interface allows you to connect to a PC for archiving data and a station for determining the precipitation of urine1
72Wall conditioner12
73Laboratory washLaboratory wash: frame - anodized aluminum profile, filling - melamine plate, xs-plastic. 1 door, 3 drawers, 1 sink, 1 mixer, siphon. (1200х600х800)1
74Cabinet is laboratoryCabinet is laboratory. Frame - anodized aluminum profile, filling - melamine, xs-plastic. 4 drawers.(450*450*600)5
75Equipment for screening of donor blood by immunohemuluscent methodPerformance:
200 tests per hour.

chemiluminescent immunoassay on paramagnetic particles.

Single multifunctional loader:
simultaneous loading of 135 samples to a multifunctional loader with front access, 35 positions for urgent samples, calibrators, controls, universal tripods for samples, calibrators, controls, the possibility of simultaneous work with different types of tubes, automatic dilution, repeated and reflex testing; routine, the mode of working with the samples: arbitrary, sequential and immediate.

Time to get the first result:
29 minutes of standard protocols, 18 minutes of truncated protocols.

Modern unique technologies:
a clot detection system, an improved acridine tag (Chemiflex), flexible protocols (one-two-step, pre-incubation, truncated (STAT) protocols.

Reagents on board:
25 in the cooled carousel

ready for use without preliminary preparation, packaging for a different number of tests.

easy to use, touch screen, on-line diagnostics, electronic operation manual, connection to the AbbottLink remote service diagnostics system, integrated quality control using Westgard rules and Levy-Jennings charts, database of results no less than for 50,000 results, a bi-directional RS232C port for connecting to a laboratory information system and other software.
76Equipment for screening of donor blood by polymerase chain reaction (closed system by type TAGMAN)The automated system cobas s 201 is designed to screen blood plasma from individual donor samples (or pools of equal individual aliquots of donor plasma) to detect infectious agents using the PCR method based on 5'-nuclease detection in real time. The system does not require separate specialized premises, boxes and special air purification. The system is designed for 4-channel expansion of the types of infections detected.

The system's performance is 150 donations per hour, the following viral nucleic acids are identified: HIV-1 RNA of the M and O group, HIV-2 RNA, hepatitis C RNA, hepatitis B DNA.

Automatic analyzer for the isolation of DNA and RNA Cobas AmpliPrep
Integrated through system of processing samples by conveyor method for purification and isolation of nucleic acids from donor blood. When preparing the sample, a washing solution, special reagent cassettes and incubations at various temperatures are used.
77Вlood pressure monitorSpecifications:
TM-2655P blood pressure monitor (sphyg) from A & D is the perfect automatic whole-arm sphygmomanometer for waiting room testing
The TM-2655P  blood pressure monitor (sphyg) from A & D is the perfect automatic whole-arm sphygmomanometer for waiting room testing. Its ergonomic design allows the patient to sit comfortably, thereby improving posture resulting in greater accuracy.
Blood pressure readings can be taken using either arm which is especially convenient for pregnant women, patients with back problems and patients in wheelchairs.
The simplicity of the TM-2655P allows the patient to test themselves upon arrival at the surgery which not only saves patient and GP consultation time, but helps to reduce or alleviate 'white coat' syndrome.
Results are printed on thermal paper which the patient can then hand to the GP or Practice Nurse. The printouts can then be stored as an auditable record in the patient record system.
New for 2009 is the TM-2655P's Irregular Heartbeat Indicator which is indicated on the printout if detected during a measurement.  This indication is a useful alert to the possibility of an arrhythmia.

·       Clinically validated to AAMI/ANSI SP10 Protocol
·       Large LED display
·       Energy saving function - automatically switches off 3 minutes after last measurement
·       Infra-red sensor automatically turns power on when the next patient sits at the unit
·       Selectable printout formats
·       Compact size allows easy placement in any waiting room
·       Emergency Stop button
·       2 year warranty
·       Cuff circumference: 180mm to 370mm
·       Measurement method: Oscillometric
·       Blood pressure range: 0 - 280mmHg (±3mmHg or 2%)
·       Pulse range: 30 - 200 bpm
·       Dimensions: 245 x 320 x 390mm (W x H x D)
·       Weight: 9kg
The TM-2655P is supplied complete with Printer, Stand, Locking Cable and Spare Cloth.
78LED панельLED панель 24-36 Вт50
79Electric kettleElectric kettle, total volume of 10 l, useful volume 8,5 l, single wall 0,4 mm, Stainless steel, when the temperature falls below 80 degrees, automatically switched on heating.1
80Archival shelfArchival shelf
Archival shelf
Section width: 600 mm
Height: 2000 mm
Depth: 400 mm
Size: 600x400h2000 mm
Number of shelves: 6 pcs.
Color: White
Material: Metal
Load: 75 per kg
Attachment type: On bolts
• Material - Steel
• Stall thickness 1.5 mm, shelf 0,8 mm.
• Color - White, powder paint.
• Support - Plastic podpyatniki
• The rack punching step is 50 mm.
• Load on the shelf - no more than 75 kg.
81LiftLift lifting capacity 250kg for 4 stops, the size of the cabin 1000 * 1000 * 1200, cab stainless steel.1
82Coolercooler with bottled boot Special curved, length-adjustable fence tube allows to take water from the bottle without any residue. Three water supply tap: hot, cool and cold Tray with built-in float, signaling the filling Pumping water into the cooler system is carried out using an aqueous pump Racking shelf is missing4
83WiFi антенна5


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