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Chernihiv City Hospital No.3


The Chernihiv City Hospital No.3 began on July 3, 1983 as an infirmary of the Chernihivv Radio Appliance Plant. The four-story polyclinic built in the factory was converted into a 120-bed hospital (60 neurological, 60 therapeutic).

At this time, the number of medical workers was 22 physicians and 54 middle medical staff. In 1990, a dental department, a dental laboratory and a children’s hospital were opened.

Today the City Hospital №3 is a multidisciplinary, modern medical and preventive facility equipped with modern medical equipment.
The Surgical, Neurological, Gynecological and Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Departments as well as Radioisotope Diagnostics, Bacteriological Chain Reaction and Polymerase Chain Examination laboratories provide medical care to Chernihiov thousands of residents.

Over 25 years, 192210 patients were treated in hospital, 18352 surgical procedures, 28125 gynecological examinations, 357221 functional examinations, 337148 ultrasound examinations, 39257 endoscopic examinations, and 25000 radiology examinations were done.

The hospital currently employs 83 doctors, 241 medical staff, 142 young medical staff and 101 support staff.

The following table describes the needed medical equipments with their prices in details. You can gladly donate for one certain device or equipment of your choice. Thank you very much for donating!

No.Equipment / materialsRequired specification / featuresQuantity, pcs.NecessitySingle Price
Unit Price
Total Price
1Ambulance1One time95009500
2Laparoscope (device)Brand name: Olympus, Storz1One time26000.17806.00527806.00527
3VideoendoscopeBrand name: Olympus, Storz1One time00
4Ultrasound machineBrand name: Toshiba1One time311953396705.52396705.523
5Anesthesia machineLeon type1One time00
6Operating tableBiomed DS, with an electric appliance1One time8912.67276.29277276.29277
7Hematologic analyzer1One time1907085911.9485911.948
8Laparoscope (tool)Diameter 10 mm., 30 degrees.12 times a year509531579.5431579.543
9Laparoscope (tool)Diameter 5 mm., 30 degrees12 times a year422681310.3081310.308
10Light guide22 times a year9048280.488560.976
11Bipolar forceps22 times a year300093186
12 “Grasper” type forceps22 times a year5880182.28364.56
13Fenestrated forceps (grasp fenest)12 times a year247276.63276.632
14Metzenbaum scissors curved (left side)22 times a year5880182.28364.56
15Scissors bent, one sharp tip15 см202 times a year1253.87577.5
16Scissors straight, one sharp tip15 см152 times a year1304.0360.45
17EndoclipperDiameter 10 mm, turning, for clip 5 mm, 8 mm22 times a year8016248.496496.992
18Billroth forceps402 times a year1213.751150.04
19Mikulicz forceps402 times a year2327.192287.68
20Surgical forceps “Cobra” type with a ratcher22 times a year00
21Surgical pincers15 cm202 times a year541.67433.48
22Anatomy pincers15 cm102 times a year852.63526.35
23Veress needle32 times a year231671.796215.388
24Needle holder20 cm102 times a year118736.797367.97
25Needle holder with a ratcher22 times a year153.794.767499.53498
26Aspirator-irrigatorDiameter 10 mm22 times a year648502010.354020.7
27Jaws (branch)19 mm/ 11 mm22 times a year00
28Transitive insert10/5 мм22 times a year00
29Forceps for attaching linen202 times a year1544.77495.48
30Claw forceps22 times a year00
31TroacartDiameter 10 mm., universal, with gas supply52 times a year00
32TroacartDiameter 5 mm., universal52 times a year00
33Active electrode cord22 times a year00
34Optical tubeDiameter 10 mm., 30 degrees22 times a year00
35Rectal mirror for adults2One time00
36Brushes for cleaning tools5 mm102 times a year00
37Brushes for cleaning tools10 mm102 times a year00
38Box for sterilization / sterilization trayKS-1810One time00
39SuckersV-8021 time in 3 years230007131426
40Functional bedsStandard, with lift12One time00
41Bedside tables (cabinets)On wheels60One time00
42Roller beds for the transport of lying patients5One time00
43Wheelchairs for the transport of sedentary patients8One time00
44Training device for rehabilitation “Motomed”1One time00
45Linens1) sheetsOne time a year00
2) pillowcase00
3) duvet covers00
Material: cotton / calico00
46Means of hygiene and care for the sickOne-time towels6002 times a year00
47Anti-decubitus matresses6One time00
48DiapersFor adults, sizes 3, 47003 times a year54917.01911913.3
49Walking aidWithout wheels8One time00
50Wheeled bed3One time00
51Sticks for walkingOn 4 legs7One time00
52Urinals50One time00
53Toilet chairs5One time144944.919224.595
54Medical clothesOne time00
55Surgery suitssize 6411655.1155.115
size 60201655.115102.3
size 56201655.115102.3
size 54201655.115102.3
size 52201655.115102.3
size 50201655.115102.3
size 48201655.115102.3
56Surgical coatsize 5830872.69780.91
size 5430872.69780.91
size 525872.69713.485
size 505872.69713.485
size 433872.6978.091
size 351872.6972.697
57Medical suits for womensize 64171022.0122.01
size 62471022.0188.04
size 60371022.0166.03
size 58371022.0166.03
size 56371022.0166.03
size 541271022.01264.12
size 52871022.01176.08
size 501171022.01242.11
size 481571022.01330.15
size 461571022.01330.15
size 44871022.01176.08
58Slippers (pairs)size 42700
size 41500
size 401100
size 392100
size 382400
size 371100
size 36900
59Cleaning trolley“Vermop”2One time00

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