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Masai Water Supply and Irrigation Project

the Masai tribe in Saikeri/Kenya uses a rainwater collection point for drinking . The water collected in […]

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Chernihiv City Hospital No.3

The Chernihiv City Hospital No.3 began on July 3, 1983 as an infirmary of the Chernihivv Radio […]

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Children feeding programme

Many communities in rural semi-arid areas of Uganda have currently re-stated their commitment to education as a […]

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Stephanie Aerni Orphanage and school

In Mukono district like any other areas of Uganda, there is a growing number of Orphaned and […]

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Chernihiv Blood Transfusion Station

The „Chernihiv Regional Transfusion Station“ is a joint property of the communities of Chernihiv region. Overview: Chernihiv […]

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Ambulance for the cityhospital No.3 in Ukraine

Do you want to literally save lives? here is your opportunity! The operations team of our partner […]

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Every Child Should See the Sun

Our partner school of the Communal institution “Chernihiv Training and Rehabilitation Center” of Chernihiv Regional Council was […]

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Wheelchair Van For Ukraine

Help us purchase a wheelchair van to provide wheelchaire people with a better mobility […]

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In Ukraine


The NGO Integration was established in 2013 by people on wheelchairs in order to involve people with […]


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