Wheelchairs Fund Program

Date: 20. März 2021

Wheelchairs fund program

Individuals with a disability who require the use of a wheelchair can experience many challenges both physically and financially, making it difficult for many children to attend schools, adults to seek employment opportunities and elderly to live independently.

As a donor to our Wheelchair Fund, you can be a part of the solution. While there is an inexhaustible demand for wheelchairs worldwide, every single wheelchair donated provides the invaluable gift of mobility, freedom and dignity to not only the recipient children—but entire community, with full-time carers freed to join the workforce and contribute to household income.


The cost of a wheelchair or any mobility equipment can range depending on an individual’s needs and circumstances. It can also depend on whether the wheelchair is a manual or electric kind.

Mobility scooters for example can generally cost $600 up to $2,000. The variation in price depends on the maximum weight capacity, the amount of wheels (3 or 4 wheels) and the travel distance without a battery re-charge. All models of wheelchairs are different, with different specs and capabilities.

Electric wheelchairs typically cost more than a manual wheelchair and have a higher price tag associated with them. These types of wheelchairs can cost as low as $1,000 and be high as $3,500. The price considers the steering mechanism, the range of turning radius, speed and the travel distance without a batter re-charge.

On the more affordable end, manual wheelchairs provide individuals with a disability a basic yet still effective wheelchair. These can cost $100 up to $750. Most manual wheelchair models are priced according to the weight of the chair, the affordability of the wheelchair and the ability to tilt, being the major difference between models.

Other mobility devices and equipment such as a modified wheelchair accessible van or vehicle can cost thousands to tens of thousands depending on the make and extent of modifications required.

The people in the following photo are waiting our help, they are located in Uganda. If you’d like to read more about their stories please visit this webpage: