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Story of Angela

25. Oktober 2017 | 0 Comments

Angela is 21 years old, she was born seemingly normal. After three days of her birth, her skin turned yellow and was „treated“ by the neigbours. Later her parents discovered that she wasn’t able to react at all.
After few days she got fever, and again, she was „treated“ home.
As she became 7 y.o. her family took her to Mpigi hospital, where she was refered to Mulago hospital, where her father was told that she had already crippled and it was too late for any treatment to make any difference to her situation.
Angela tries to sit on her own, without any support. She suffers from high blood pressure and cries continuously because of the pain she is going through. Her dream is to get a wheelchair that would inhance her mobility and facilitates her daily life a bit more.

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